Jesse Ellenz

Jesse Ellenz - Speaker


Jesse has over fifteen years’ experience in the construction industry; during that times he’s had the opportunity to work on a number of truly unique construction projects. Jesse joined Bellingham Marine in 2006.

Jesse’s strong construction background and experience working on unique, one-off projects have given him an exceptional understanding of the challenges that often plague more technical projects and how to approach the design as well as the constructability to ensure their success. Jesse also possesses a thorough understanding of scheduling and project estimating. Prior to joining Bellingham Marine, Jesse worked in the commercial and heavy civil segments of the construction industry.

The following is a sample list of the marina and non-traditional projects Jesse has been involved in:

• Crescent City Harbor, Crescent City, California:
As Bellingham’s General Manager Jesse oversaw the dock design, manufacture and installation of the marina’s start-of-the-art tsunami resistant dock system; a first of its kind in the industry. The marina has 246 berths plus side tie-space and a floating wave attenuator.
• St. Paul Small Boat Harbor, St. Paul, AK
This award winning project called for the design and delivery of a heavy duty marina system that could withstand the harsh Northern Alaskan environment with the ability to be removed from the water each fall. The project features a one-of-a-kind heavy duty steel dock system; Jesse oversaw the design, manufacture and delivery.
• Round Butte Selective Water Withdrawal Project, Madras,
Under Jesse’s leadership, Bellingham Marine manufactured a 90’ x 150’ platform designed to float 20’ below the surface of the water and support a massive superstructure.
• Chicago Marina Swimming Pool, Chicago, IL
The Chicago Marina swimming pool is an 85’ x 40’ floating swimming pool that sits adjacent to the marina’s slips. Jesse oversaw the design, manufacture and delivery of the floating pool.
• U.S. Navy Utility Floats, Washington State
Jesse oversaw the development, design and fabrication of a unique float system that was intended to replace the steel work barges used by the U.S. Navy. Designed to be used as a single module or arranged and connected in long extended mooring configurations up to 600’ in length, the docks can be moved, arranged and anchored to meet the exact needs of its owner at any given time.
• Shoreline Stabilization Project, Louisiana
This is a unique product designed for placement in coastal areas to protect marsh lands from erosion. Jesse has been involved in the development and R&D process.


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