Kerry Moher

SpeakerVice President of Business Development, Fresh Air Educators


Today’s new boat operators are more likely than ever to have received a boating safety certification before hitting the water. It’s an important trend and one that Kerry Moher is proud to have spent the last decade working towards, both as a passionate advocate of mandatory boating education and as the original author of the leading NASBLA-approved online course, Indeed, it is the evolution of online boating safety education as a trusted and cost-effective way to educate millions of new boaters that has allowed a growing number of jurisdictions to implement education requirements.

For Kerry, however, online education has been about much more than providing a convenient way of delivering mandatory education to the masses. Online education holds the promise not only of new ways of teaching boating safety but also of greater accessibility to the world of boating. As a lifelong boater and lover of the outdoors, this is something Kerry is passionate about and which has led him to take on a variety of advocacy roles, including as a former member of the NASBLA National Education Standards Panel.

Today, Kerry is focused on the continuous improvement of and on bringing his groundbreaking online course to new boaters around the world.


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