Peter Hopkins

 Peter Hopkins - SpeakerManager of Recreational Boating, Marine and Safety Tasmania


Peter commenced work at Marine and Safety Tasmania in 1998 as a facility project officer and has been Manager of Recreational Boating since 2002. He has overseen many changes to Recreational Boating in Tasmania over that time including the compulsory wearing of life jackets, changes in the licensing system for boats and PWC and many safety initiatives with one of the most important being a push into the schools grade 3, 4 and 5 swimming and water safety program with their “Boat Safe” curriculum. Peter is also responsible for the funding process for the re-building of marine infrastructure and dealing with legislative changes relating to Recreational Boating.

Peter has been involved in boating all his life and has cruised the Tasmanian Coast line extensively in a family motor sailor. He started yacht racing in 1968 in dinghies and has competed in 25 Sydney Hobart Races since 1982 and has completed many deliveries between Hobart and Sydney.

He is passionate about boating and boating safety and firmly believes that the introduction for the compulsory wearing of life jackets in Tasmania has been a catalyst for a change in the safety culture amongst Tasmanian boaters.


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