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Tereza Behrens - SpeakerFacility Management practitioner


Tereza Behrens commenced her career in the manufacturing of Electrical and Electronics products which led to the study of Electronics and Communications. Her key strengths of organisation and highly analytical business approach quickly developed, questioning and challenging how and why the business operated as it did. Within a few years Tereza was made the Production and Procurement Manager responsible for products such as Special Lighting Effects, Traffic Controls System, Breath Testing equipment. She remained a constant in highly technical and complex industries.

Tereza was recruited into a role as one of the first female Production Managers globally for a Japanese manufacturer Panasonic. For eight years Panasonic utilised Tereza’s skill as Production Manager at their television plant. Her understanding and appreciation for Panasonic’s product range saw her move into marketing.

As Product Manager for Panasonic Australia’s Audio Visual products she embraced managing products and services. This drove her passion to Strive for Excellence in Customer Service.

The next phase of her career path became obvious: ‘Operations Management’ within highly technical and complex industries. Since 2000 Tereza has held positions in Electrical Contracting and Facilities Maintenance within the Australian Fuels market.

Specialising in the Service and Maintenance arena, Tereza managed contracts from `both sides’. As the client, her position of National Operations Manager – Caltex Australia – Facilities Maintenance Group, managing Building & Grounds and Fuels maintenance needs for 1800 sites across Australia, managing the needs of 7 Eleven, Mobil and Shell. This included Service Stations, Fuels Depots and Terminal operations along the Eastern seaboard.

Tereza’s abilities, talent and industry experience saw her take up a demanding role within Petrolink Engineering as Operations Manager, Service and Maintenance, with a special focus on the commercial marina industry. Tereza understands the highly sensitive and ecologically delicate operations of commercial marinas located in environmentally fragile locales. She not only understands Fuels Facilities Engineering Design, Installations and Maintenance, Tereza continually contributes to an industry which demands safety to on-site operations, visitors and customer’s alike.

Tereza believes that the development of new technologies, products, service and maintenance methods combined with a proactive approach is the basis for `next generation’ commercial marinas. These aspects are driven by new fuel developments, fuel delivery systems unique to the marina industry, strict governmental guidelines and the prerequisite of self compliance.

As a participant at Marine 15, Tereza will demonstrate and share her knowledge and experience for Safety and Protection of a marina’s fuel facilities, EPA compliance issues, dangerous goods management, safety requirements and the environment.

Tereza is one of Australia’s most experienced Facility Management practitioners involved in the fuel delivery, management and maintenance industries. She will share this expertise with commercial marina operators at Marine 15 with sincerity, care and a dedication and commitment to excellence.


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